By ICN GroupGas, July 01, 2020

Green hydrogen plant inaugurated in Germany

The German Rostock-based engineering and cleantech company Apex Energy inaugurated the 2 MW zero-carbon hydrogen production platform equipped by McPhy.

Hydrogen production specialist McPhy Energy S.A. announced the inauguration of Apex Energy’s zero-carbon hydrogen production plant located in Laage, Germany. The plant, which represents a major milestone in the industrialization of the hydrogen sector, is equipped with McPhy’s electrolyzers.
Apex Energy completed the construction of its hydrogen production facility in Rostock-Laage, on June 12. McPhy delivered and installed a 2-MW electrolysis platform (McLyzer 400-30), producing over 300 tons of zero-carbon hydrogen from renewable energy per year.
This inauguration is fully in line with the strategy developed by the German government. The country aims at becoming the world leader in hydrogen technologies. To reach this purpose, Germany will invest €7 billion in order to produce 5 GW (approximately 14 TWh) by 2030 and 10 GW by 2040, scaling up the industry and making zero-carbon hydrogen competitive. Hydrogen will then be used in a wide range of applications, such as heavy transportation, steel production, chemical, aviation, etc.

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