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Chemical July 31, 2020

Ministry of Agriculture to fund 112 startups

The total fund amount is Rs. 11.86 crore which will contribute to enhancing the income of farmers and will be released in installments.

Chemical June 17, 2020

Agriculture ministry allows manufacturing of 27 agrochemicals for exports

The ministry has also extended the timeline for submission of representation by the stakeholders from 45 days to 90 days.

Chemical June 16, 2020

HIL India supplies 25 MT Malathion 95% ULV to Iran

The consignment is expected to reach Iran by 16th June 2020.

Chemical May 31, 2020

India proposes ban on 27 generic pesticides

The Ministry of Agriculture has proposed to ban (import, manufacture, sale, transport, distribute and use) 27 pesticides (12 insecticides, 7 herbicides and 8 fungicides) which the ministry believe are likely to involve risk to human being and animals.

Chemical May 24, 2020

Credit rating of HIL (India) upgraded to BBB-

The credit rating of HIL (India), a PSU under the Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers has been upgraded to BBB- from BB which is a stable investment grade.

Chemical May 13, 2020

HIL (India) eying big orders from African countries

HIL has written a letter to 10 southern African Development Community (SADC) for supply of DDT in view of a warning issued by the World Health Organisation about an increase in Malaria cases in the region in coming months.

Chemical April 27, 2020

COVID-19: HIL (India) showing good performance

The company has sold 37.99 MTs of agro-chemical, despatched 97 MTs of DDT, executed an export order of 10 MTs of Mancozeb, 80% WP to Peru

Chemical May 04, 2012

PIB: Regulation of use of inorganic chemicals

The total consumption of agro-chemicals/pesticides during last three years and projected consumption during 2011-12 is as follows: