Digital lessons from 2020: Preparing for the new normal

Date: March 10, 2021 | 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM IST


For most of us, digital technologies have enabled critical capabilities during this turbulent time. The day starts with smartphone screens we are all using each day but most of us are also using digital capabilities to run projects, operate plants and continue product development.
This was highlighted in a World Economic Forum event this spring where they stated, “Unsurprisingly, the organizations that were furthest down the digital transformation journey before COVID-19 struck are tending to adapt to the crisis better than their peers.” The focus is on digital transformation activity, what we have learned in recent months and where we are headed as we eventually move towards recovery.
As chemical companies show signs of recovery from the global pandemic it’s clear that digital technologies have helped pave the way. From equipping remote workers with online tools to maintain plant operations to empowering development teams with real-time data to collaborate on new products, companies that were ahead in their digitalization strategies had a distinct advantage.
Join a panel of industry experts as they discuss their experiences in navigating this volatile and uncertain environment—and what are the keys to adapting and winning in the new normal.

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Key Discussion Points

- The shift to remote working to reduce Covid-19 transmission among employees
- How prepared is your organizer for Autonomous Operations and the challenges faced implementing them
- Use of Digital Scheduling Tools to ensure social distancing in production areas and future applications
- How Digital Technologies can help build resilience into your business and how better prepared are you for future disruptions
- Success stories on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), and how it’s enabling new capabilities in operations


Harendra Pandya Joint President Aarti Industries
Partha Sur General Manager – Technology Haldia Petrochemicals
Sanath Kumar Executive President and Director Gujarat Fluorochemicals
Sunil Patil Director APJ Solution Consulting
Pravin Prashant Editor Indian Chemical News