Hydrogen: The Next Clean Energy

Date: April 09, 2021 | 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM IST


With world is seriously following the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, Green is rapidly becoming the new kid on the hydrogen block. Green hydrogen is a next generation fuel.

Hydrogen is a zero-emissions source of fuel and can be used as a feedstock gas for industries such as chemical, refining and others. Hydrogen supports a gradual transition towards lower-carbon sources of energy as it can be generated from natural gas and other non-renewable by-products.

The demand for hydrogen technologies is growing as it is accelerating the transition to more sustainable forms of energy while still supporting current energy models with all their regional variations.

Hydrogen can be generated at scale with a zero carbon footprint by using renewable energy such as solar or wind power. Green hydrogen, which uses renewable energy to produce hydrogen from water, is taking off around the globe. Many companies, investors, governments, and environmentalists believe it is an energy source that could help end the reign of fossil fuels and slow the world's warming trajectory.

India is also uniquely identified to adopt green Hydrogen, with several favorable factors. Green hydrogen provides significant opportunities for India to expand into a new clean energy technology sector, developing domestic manufacturing expertise to supply both the Indian market and abroad.

The Ministry for New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has been providing early-stage R&D support for a range of hydrogen technologies including production from biomass, methane reformation, electrolysis, photolysis, storage of hydrogen and transportation of hydrogen.

 Key Discussion Points:

- Green Hydrogen Strategy and Roadmap
- Need for a favorable policy framework
- Developing a hydrogen economy ecosystem
- India's advantageous position to adopt hydrogen
- Guidelines for corporates
- Establishing technology transfer partnerships
- Providing grants for R&D, pilots and upskilling
- Need for significant investment in electrolysers
- Storage, safety and environmental concerns


PD Samudra CEO & MD Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solution India
Sturle Harald Pedersen Chairman Greenstat Hydrogen India
Girish Sethi Senior Fellow and Programme Director TERI
Dr. R K Malhotra Director General FIPI
Ashish Lele Director CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory
DMR Panda GM - Hydrogen NTPC
Dr. Sushil S. Ramdasi Deputy Director ARAI
Siddharth Mayur Founder h2e Power Systems
Amrit Singh Deo Senior Managing Director FTI Consulting
Pravin Prashant Editor Indian Chemical News