Making India a Global Agrochemical Manufacturing Hub

Date: December 08, 2020 / 3:00 pm


The agrochemical sector in India has the potential to be a growth engine for the Indian chemical industry. The sector has the potential to contribute to making India ‘Aatma Nirbhar’ in the global chemical market. But, the industry is yet to realise its potential due to numerous challenges that needs to be addressed in a time bound manner.

Already witnessing a good growth rate, Indian agrochemical market has the potential to reach $8.1 billion by 2025 from $4.1 billion. The sector is expected to grow at a growth rate of 8.3 percent till 2025.

Latest available statistics states that India today is the 4th largest manufacturer and the 13th largest exporter of agrochemicals in the world. This is despite the fact that the per hectare consumption of agrochemicals in India is around 0.65 kg compared to 4.58 kg in the United States. The low consumption of agrochemicals results into the lower yield per hectare production of agricultural products in India. Estimates suggest that around 25 percent of the total crops produced in India are destroyed due to pest attack. This is a grave issue for the industry that needs to be tackled soon.

Meanwhile, the circumstances for growth of the agrochemical sector is quite favorable. The first and foremost is the growing population of India that needs to be fed. India contributes to 18% to the world population with 2% of the landmass creating a huge surge in demand for food products. This can only be achieved by increasing the per hectare production through an efficient use of agrochemicals.

Another supporting factor is that the manufacturing capacity and exports of agrochemicals in China has fallen drastically due to implementation of stringent environmental norms as well as trade war with the USA. This offers a great opportunity for the Indian agrochemical industry to come forward and establish India as the leader in manufacturing and export hub in the global agrochemical market.

The panel will delve deep into all related issues and will lay a roadmap for the future growth of the Indian agrochemical industry. We have experts from the industry brainstorming on the challenges and opportunities existing in the industry.

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Key Discussion Point :
Demand and Supply Analysis of Agro Chemicals Globally - Where is the gap
- Impediments in Making India a Global Agro Chemical Manufacturing Hub
- Ease of doing Business and Time Bound Environmental Clearances
- Impediments in Establishing India as a Major Exporter of Agrochem
- Role to be played by the Government, Industry and other stakeholders
- Putting Strong Monitoring Mechanism in Place

The objective of this e-conference is to:
A] Develop a Roadmap to Achieve the Desired Growth Rate
B] Exploring New Business Models to make India an ‘Agrochemical Powerhouse’ in the world
C] To facilitate strong dialogue, sharing of insights and navigating future industry terrains.


Viswanathan Rajendran Partner Kearney India
Dr. A. Krishnaiah Sr. Principal Scientist CSIR- India Institute of Chemical Technology