India's pharma sector is undergoing significant growth and is expected to reach US $ 70 billion in 2020. With the global economy pressures, it is important for companies to be able to be working both efficiently and effectively. Scientific / experimental data is the treasure chest of your company, hence, managing that data through an effective digital transformation strategy is important to future success. 

A digital transformation strategy needs to align with your business objectives but the best of them have in common a shared vision, adaptability, harmonization and standardization across all internal teams and clear direction to compel forward action, amongst others.

Join a panel of industry experts to discuss their experiences in implementing digital solutions to achieve operational excellence.

Key Discussion Points
In the competitive environment of Generics Pharma & Specialty Chemicals, companies are faced with challenges to be more productive and operate more globally. As a consequence, they are considering the digital transformation of their businesses. In this webinar you can  
• Discuss what best practices that can be implemented to achieve an effective digital transformation
• Learn how your lab's data be leveraged to gain a competitive edge
• Hear how companies in your space are adopting and implementing digital solutions Electronic Lab Notebooks and Advanced Visual Analytics successfully.

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Mr. Patrick Ansems Director, Informatics Field Application Scientists, EMEAI PerkinElmer

Patrick Ansems received his BS.c in Microbiology from the University of Applied Sciences, Etten–Leur, Netherlands. Following his studies , he joined Unilever R&D Vlaardingen where he worked for 7 years in the Molecular Aspects of Health Department where he was responsible for the development and screening of food related compounds in a variety of GPCR related assays.

Subsequently Patrick joined a start-up company, Lead Pharma, where he was Head of Operations responsible for the cloning, small scale up and downstream processing of proteins and the development of the screenings assays. Patrick joined PerkinElmer in2011 as a member of the European Regional Marketing team working on Biology Enterprise solutions and Analytics. Since 2014 Patrick was held the position as Director of the EMEAI Field Application Scientist team.

Mr. Manish M. Khandagale Senior Field Application Specialist PerkinElmer

Dr. Manish M. Khandagale is a Senior Field Application Specialist at PerkinElmer’s informatics Team. He has extensive experience in pharmaceutical R&D and technical customer support roles in analytical instruments and scientific software industry. He is responsible for providing technical and strategic support to drive our mission of empowering scientists to make data-driven decisions by utilizing our best in class informatics solutions.