ICN launches 2nd edition of 'Chemical Industry Outlook’

April 25, 2022

Indian Chemical News (ICN), an online news media covering chemicals, petrochemicals, and energy sectors, released its comprehensive and insightful second edition of ‘Chemical Industry Outlook’ themed ‘Making India a Global Manufacturing Hub’ on April 20, 2022.

ICN has been keeping its audience aware about the latest happenings of the industry. It became more relevant during the pandemic when everything came to standstill due to global lockdown. However, ICN kept the flow of information consistent through its daily newsletter and by hosting more than 50 e-Conferences on 40 diverse industry segments.

The ‘Chemical Industry Outlook 2022’ highlights the future roadmap of the industry and how India can be self-reliant by making itself a global manufacturing hub. The compendium explores new horizons of growth to provide a 360-degree view about global trends, India’s growth story and market dynamics of the industry.

The ‘Chemical Industry Outlook 2022’ covers five verticals - Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Energy, Digitalization, and Supply Chain. Each vertical has sub segments like overview, column and interview. The overview provides key recommendations of each sector. The compendium also has guest columns from senior industry experts from diverse backgrounds to make it more comprehensive in nature. Guest columns have been taken from select industry leaders in the industry, academia, industry associations, R&D Organizations, and others to give it a holistic view.

The CXO interviews give an update on the latest development in respective industries and how these industries are gearing up to realise the potential of the opportunity. The compendium has been well received by the industry.

The topics covered are: green chemistry, sustainability, hydrogen, electric vehicles (EV) and gas. The compendium focuses on innovation, better supply chain management, increasing domestic demand, enhancing global competitiveness, green technologies, leveraging exports, disaster management, and others. All these topics are set make India globally competitive in the long run if the industry proceeds in a collaborative manner to achieve the set goal. The Compendium aims to spread awareness on the trends in India and globally and help Indian manufacturing companies position themselves appropriately in the global market.

To reach the US $300 billion figure, the Indian chemical industry needs to accelerate its production capacity, increase its focus and budget on R&D, needs financial support from the government, faster environment clearances from the ministry, and collaborate with foreign counterparts. The close bonding with the government, research & academic institutions, and chemical industries will also act as a catalyst and provide momentum to the India growth story.

“We hope that the Second Edition of Chemical Industry Outlook 2022 will provide deep dive information about the growing influence of the Indian chemical industry and its ramification to the Indian economy both in terms of internal consumption and exports. As always, we look forward to the continued support, guidance and valuable feedback from industry stakeholders on creating knowledge led platforms for showcasing the vibrant outlook of chemicals, petrochemicals, and energy sector,” said Pravin Prashant, Editor, Indian Chemical News.

Click here to view the e-version of ICN Compendium "Chemical Industry Outlook 2022"