By ICN GroupChemical, March 24, 2020

BASF introduces new FCC catalyst for gasoil feedstock

Fourtune is the latest product based on BASF’s Multiple Framework Topology (MFT) technology

BASF announced today the commercial launch of Fourtune which is a new fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) catalyst product for gasoil feedstock. Fourtune is the latest product based on BASF’s Multiple Framework Topology (MFT) technology. It has been optimised to deliver superior butylene over propylene selectivity while maintaining catalyst activity and performance.
Fourtune commercial trials have confirmed its ability to deliver better economic performance through butylene selectivity, high conversion, and maintains coke selective bottoms upgrading and high distillate yields that increases refiners’ profitability.
BASF’s innovative MFT technology enhances performance through the use of more than one framework topology that work together to tailor the catalyst selectivity profile. Successful evaluations of the new MFT technology have demonstrated Fourtune’s ability to help maximise margins and provide operating flexibility to make more butylene to feed the alkylation unit. The technology provides an answer to the increased demand for octane since today’s tighter sulfur regulations often require post treatment on the gasoline stream, which can negatively impact the octane pool.
Detlef Ruff, Senior Vice President Process Catalysts at BASF, said: “We hear very positive feedback from our customers who are using Fourtune. We are confident that the benefits of this new product will bring our customers improvements in butylene selectivity and the overall potential to make the refineries more profitable.”
“The first thing we did on our path to develop Fourtune was to listen to our customers,” said Jim Chirumbole, Vice President Refining Catalysts at BASF. “They told us they needed an innovative, flexible solution to help them make more octane for the marketplace, and we’re happy to deliver this new product to the market.”

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