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Empowering Engineers with Advanced Analytics

Chemical companies continuously strive to optimize process performance and improve overall equipment effectiveness. Some are already using big data and are embracing the concepts of Industry 4.0. But what makes these companies outperform their competition?


Unlocking Lab Efficiency through Digital Transformation

In the competitive environment of Generics Pharma & Specialty Chemicals, companies are faced with challenges to be more productive and operate more globally.


Indian Speciality Chemicals: Opportunities Galore

Indian speciality chemical industry is currently valued at $32 billion and is expected to reach $65 billion by FY25. This segment constitutes about 18% of the total chemical industry in India. The industry's growth is mainly driven by consumption growth and export opportunity.

Green Chemistry and Sustainability: Challenges and Opportunities

The Chemical industry in India is at the cusp of a new growth phase with global and Indian companies scaling up operations to meet the increased domestic and global demand.