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Regulatory | 15 January 2023

ECHA receives PFASs restriction proposal under REACH from five EU nations

The national authorities of Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden have submitted a proposal to ECHA to restrict per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) under REACH

Regulatory | 27 December 2022

OPCW and IICT conducts skill training program in chemical analysis in developing countries

Course prepares chemists from developing countries to analyse chemicals of concern related to the national implementation of Chemical Weapons Convention

Regulatory | 24 November 2022

ICC Sustainability Conclave 2022: Product stewardship is a journey beyond regulatory compliance

Chemical industry experts not in favor of stringent regulatory actions but instead bat for self regulation

Regulatory | 05 October 2022

OPCW and IICT enhance analytical skills of chemists from developing countries

Course strengthens national capacities for analysis of chemicals relevant to Chemical Weapons Convention

Regulatory | 23 September 2022

Perstorp announces toxicity targets to safeguard health and environment

No chemicals of concern should reach the consumer or professional market; and newly developed products should be safe and sustainable by design

Regulatory | 17 August 2022

NextGen Summit 2022: Govt must accommodate industry’s concerns in draft India REACH

Stakeholders hopeful about rolling out of 6th draft of India’s chemical regulations by end of 2022






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