LANXESS to showcase comprehensive portfolio for battery production at Battery Show Europe

LANXESS to showcase comprehensive portfolio for battery production at Battery Show Europe

Innovative products and solutions along the entire value chain for lithium-ion batteries

  • By ICN Bureau | June 13, 2024

From June 18 to 20, LANXESS will be at Battery Show Europe showcasing its wide range of products for the production of lithium-ion batteries and applications in the area of electromobility.

These include numerous key raw materials and material solutions along the entire value chain. The event in Stuttgart is Europe’s biggest specialist trade show for cutting-edge materials, technologies and production processes in the fast-growing electromobility segment.

The portfolio of the specialty chemicals company includes raw materials for cathode materials and electrolyte components, ion exchange resins for extracting ultra-pure metal compounds for cathode materials and battery recycling, coolants and colorants for high-voltage applications as well as casting compounds for protecting electronic battery components. Another key product area features flame retardants for high-performance plastics and non-flammable electrolytes that help to improve the safety of battery cells.

LANXESS is a sustainable and reliable supplier of materials for European battery producers. “Thanks to our extensive portfolio of key raw materials and precursors as well as the existing assets in Europe, we can support the development of local value chains,” explains Dr. Harry Zumaqué, Head of New Business Development at LANXESS Corporate Development. “Our expertise in process development also allows us to open up new fields in the area of battery recycling and thus actively promote sustainability in cell manufacturing and chemical production.”

Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) is becoming increasingly widespread as a cathode active material that offers a sustainable alternative to materials containing cobalt and nickel. At the moment, LFP batteries are being produced almost exclusively in China. Western OEMs are therefore in favor of establishing regional value chains with the aim of becoming more independent and securing supply to the markets with sustainable materials of local origin.

To reduce this dependency, LANXESS is now offering customized precursors for LFP synthesis. These include new iron oxide battery grades as well as iron phosphate, which LANXESS intends to start producing. With a production capacity of over 300,000 metric tons annually, the company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of iron oxides and operates as a major producer sites in Germany and Brazil, for example. “The majority of iron oxide manufactured outside China comes from LANXESS production sites,” says Stefano Bartolucci, Head of the Specialties market segment in the Inorganic Pigments (IPG) business unit.

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