Solvay launches New Xencor XTreme for battery thermal runaway protection

Solvay launches New Xencor XTreme for battery thermal runaway protection

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  • By ICN Bureau | October 09, 2023

Solvay, a leading global supplier of specialty materials, introduces Xencor XTreme, a new family of long glass fiber PPA solutions for battery applications requiring resistance to thermal runaway and propagation.

Xencor XTreme PPA LGF grades are designed to offer superior resistance to direct flame exposure at 1000℃ for over 10 minutes, providing sufficient time for passengers to exit the vehicle in the event of a thermal runaway and meeting the latest global regulations in Europe, China, the United States and other countries. The materials are designed to retain an excellent level of electrical insulation after exposure to flame helping to mitigate thermal runaway in batteries. More importantly, the material has a high glass transition temperature (Tg) which enables dimensional stability of the parts under battery operating conditions.

“Xencor XTreme is designed for battery components such as overmolded busbars, module end plates and fixtures and extends our broad portfolio of battery solutions. This unique product range gives engineers the freedom to address some of their biggest challenges in terms of safety, power density, security and lightweighting," said Brian Baleno, Head of Marketing Automotive.

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