BASF launches new flotation reagent brands for the mining industry

BASF launches new flotation reagent brands for the mining industry

Launch of new product brands Luprofroth and Luproset driven by the fast-paced growth of BASF’s flotation portfolio

  • By ICN Bureau | October 19, 2023

BASF mining solutions is excited to announce the launch of its two new product brands: Luprofroth, for our growing frothers portfolio, and Luproset, tailored for flotation modifiers.

The launch of the Luprofroth brand comes with the introduction of a brand-new range of sulfidic frothers carefully formulated to enhance the overall flotation circuit performance. Graeme Stewart, Sulfide Flotation Specialist for BASF, explains, “Our new sulfidic frother portfolio comes with a wide spectrum of products suitable for diverse process conditions, such as bubble size, bubble coalescence, presence of fine and coarse particles, induction time and froth stability. A key feature of the new range is its enhanced EHS profile, with lower toxicity and ecotoxicity values and reduced flammability risks, which are often major concerns for our customers.”

Caren Hoffmann, Vice President Mining Solutions for BASF, adds, “I am very excited about the launch of the new brands, it sets a consistent base that will enable us to continue growing our flotation business for frothers and modifiers alongside our collectors. Our team is constantly working on the development of new technologies, and we expect to advance further in this field with the expansion of a dynamic pipeline.”

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