Evonik launches TEGO Rad 2330 for radiation-curing coatings and inks

Evonik launches TEGO Rad 2330 for radiation-curing coatings and inks

Excellent wetting, anti-crater, flow, slip, and release for radiation-curing varnishes, inks and coatings

  • By ICN Bureau | October 17, 2023

Evonik Coating Additives is expanding its TEGO Rad range of tailor-made silicone acrylates with a unique, radically crosslinkable additive for radiation-curing coatings and inks.

The new TEGO Rad 2330 is designed for use in a wide range of inks and varnish applications as well as clear and pigmented wood coatings.

TEGO Rad 2330 carries several reactive groups per molecule, ensuring good crosslinking and minimized migration. It consistently shows strong surface tension reduction and anti-crater effect, slip and release, and excellent low foaming.

“There’s high customer demand in the printing inks industry for additives that have high wetting, anti-crater, flow, slip, and release efficacy and lowest possible migration,” says Susanne Struck, Head of Market Segment Inks, EMEA & Global Projects. “Our TEGO® Rad 2330 is a great product offer that addresses the ongoing needs of this important segment.”

Evonik's TEGO Rad portfolio of silicone acrylates offers formulators a complete toolbox of solutions to ensure top performance in paints and coatings. These additives for radiation-curing inks and coatings can improve flow, levelling, and appearance, prevent cratering and allow formulators to create products with the desired level of slip and flow. Choosing TEGO® Rad products with a higher or lower number will result in a different level of slip and compatibility, allowing more precision in their formulations.

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