Syngenta Canada launches Talinor herbicide for Western Canadian Cereals

Syngenta Canada launches Talinor herbicide for Western Canadian Cereals

Offers cereal growers a differentiated active ingredient against resistant broadleaf weeds

  • By ICN Bureau | October 21, 2023

Syngenta Canada has announced the launch of Talinor, a post emergent cereals herbicide that brings a differentiated active ingredient to manage difficult broadleaf weeds, including herbicide resistant weeds.

Talinor is a premix liquid formulation of bicyclopyrone (Group 27) and bromoxynil (Group 6) for use on spring wheat, durum wheat, and barley with an application range from the two leaf stage through to six leaf three tiller.

“Talinor is an excellent addition to the Syngenta cereals herbicide portfolio because of its reliable control, fast acting performance, and wide application window on both crop and weeds,” says Donavan Baer, Cereal Herbicide Product Lead with Syngenta Canada. “With Talinor, we see an efficient knockdown of broadleaf weeds within a few days of application.”

He adds that growers will appreciate knowing their herbicide investment was effective on the first pass, so they can move onto their next in season management decision.

In Western Canada, cereal growers have been grappling with a growing number of resistant broadleaf weeds, including kochia and cleavers.

“Bicyclopyrone, an HPPD inhibitor, will help growers proactively guard against weed resistance,” explains Rob Klewchuk, Technical Lead for Western Canada with Syngenta Canada.

He notes that Talinor can also be paired with a wide list of grass weed tank mix partners, including Axial® brand herbicides for one pass grass and broadleaf control.

Talinor will be available in multiple packaging sizes for the 2024 growing season giving growers the flexibility to choose the most convenient size for their farm.

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