BASF and SFR partner to reduce impact of the feed and animal protein industry

BASF and SFR partner to reduce impact of the feed and animal protein industry

BASF´s software solution Opteinics is the “solution of choice” for real-time, environmental foot printing

  • By ICN Bureau | March 01, 2023

BASF and Schothorst Feed Research (SFR) signed an agreement granting SFR certain non-exclusive licensing rights to Opteinics, BASF’s digital solution for environmental foot printing of feed and animal protein. SFR will integrate the digital sustainability platform Opteinics into its global animal nutrition consultancy services, thereby adding a new dimension focused on sustainability within its Advanced Feed Package.

With the collaboration, BASF and SFR will support feed and animal producers to understand and reduce their environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable production of feed and animal protein.

“We are delighted to leverage Opteinics™ to now add sustainability as an embedded part of our global nutritional services. With the ready-to-use software, feed and animal producers receive unique insights into their sustainability performance and can identify opportunities for improvement. As such, we can help the industry to deal with one of the biggest challenges they are facing”, says Wim Beeks, Manager Sales & Consultancy at SFR.

“BASF is excited to collaborate with SFR, an acknowledged independent global leader in animal nutrition research. We believe there are significant opportunities together to bring further synergy to the industry that can enhance sustainable production without compromising cost and nutrition”, says Tom Battagliese, Senior Manager, Global Sustainability Metrics, BASF Nutrition & Health.

BASF and SFR are already investigating how to expand their collaboration in the future to further leverage respective data-driven strengths and deliver sustainability insights to pave the way into a sustainable future for the livestock industry.

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