ICN to organize discussion on "Unlocking Data Advantage for Chemical Companies to Achieve Operational Excellence" in Bharuch

ICN to organize discussion on "Unlocking Data Advantage for Chemical Companies to Achieve Operational Excellence" in Bharuch

Shailesh Nigam of Reliance Industries, Vijay Vasudeva of Epigral, Bhanu Gupta of Shriram Alkali & Chemicals, Jagdish Pranami of SRF Ltd., Naveen Kumar of AVEVA and Pravin Prashant are speakers

  • By ICN Bureau | March 10, 2024

Indian Chemical News (ICN), the most credible online media platform for the Chemicals, Petrochemicals, and Energy sector, is organizing a full day Seminar on "Industry 4.0 & Digitalization in Chemicals" on March 13, 2024 at Hotel Hyatt Place, Bharuch.

Please register as a delegate for Industry 4.0 & Digitalization in Chemicals seminar by clicking on the link (https://www.indianchemicalnews.com/industry-4-dot-o-and-digitalization-in-chemicals-2024/register.php)

The seminar will have a panel discussion on Unlocking Data Advantage for Chemical Companies to Achieve Operational Excellence". The speakers for the panel discussion are: Shailesh Nigam, Site President, Dahej Manufacturing Division, Reliance Industries Ltd.; Vijay Vasudeva, Senior Vice President & Head of Operations, Epigral Ltd.; Bhanu Gupta, Vice President - Engineering, Shriram Alkali & Chemicals; Jagdish Pranami, Associate Vice President, SRF Ltd. and Pravin Prashant, Executive Editor, Indian Chemical News. The session is moderated by Naveen Kumar, Vice President, Chemicals Segment, AVEVA.

The Indian chemicals industry is expected to triple its global market share by 2040 but that does not make it immune to the widespread pressures of increased competition, changes in demand, safety concerns, and sustainability initiatives. Overcoming these challenges is a complex task which requires plants to optimize assets and processes, maximize production, reduce unplanned downtime, and ensure safe & predictable operations that meet overarching business goals.

By digitally transforming chemical plant operations, companies can maximize safety, sustainability, and efficiency – from concept to production. The one-day summit explores these pressures and how AVEVA’s connected industrial ecosystem will help to solve these challenges through Industry 4.0 and digitalization by providing efficient project management, automated configuration with predictive maintenance, optimizing planning and scheduling, maximizing supply chain, sustainable manufacturing, and immersive training experiences to succeed in the digital age.

Moreover, chemical companies can improve their operational efficiency, reduce labor costs, and increase output by integrating automation and robotics into their manufacturing processes. However, it is not going to be an easy task for chemical companies to adopt digitalization. These companies need to have a clear roadmap to establish an accommodating culture that promotes flexibility and learning. There is a need to develop a complete ecosystem for the adoption of digitalization.

Topics to be covered during panel discussion are: Putting a robust and flexible operational data infrastructure platform; Challenges in unlocking data advantage; Adopting solutions for managing operations data (internally and externally); Potential of operations data to achieve operational excellence; Exploring AI and predictive analytics; Data sharing with ecosystem partners; Material feasibility and capacity bottlenecks; Maximising performance and improving profitability.

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