Seeq introduces industrial enterprise monitoring capabilities ‘Seeq Vantage’ at Conneqt 2024

Seeq introduces industrial enterprise monitoring capabilities ‘Seeq Vantage’ at Conneqt 2024

The new Seeq Vantage app scales subject matter expert-driven insights for accelerated value across the enterprise

  • By ICN Bureau | May 10, 2024

Seeq, a leader in industrial analytics and AI, announced the launch of the Seeq Industrial Enterprise Monitoring Suite with the release of Seeq Vantage, the company's first industrial enterprise monitoring app, at the company's global industry conference, Conneqt, in Miami.

Today's industrial operations face numerous enterprise-level reliability, performance, and sustainability challenges, which are difficult to systematically identify, prioritize and correct to maximize operational potential. With siloed teams and information, and limited visibility to historical knowledge and insights from previous operations and events, it can be challenging for organizations to achieve measurable impact.

The Seeq Industrial Enterprise Monitoring Suite provides a comprehensive, automated view into operational performance—past and present. This broader view enables better decision making and continuous improvement across today's complex, industrial ecosystems. The Seeq Industrial Enterprise Monitoring Suite leverages the combined power of the Seeq Industrial Analytics and AI Suite and the context that only teams of experts can provide—all at the scale needed to drive truly impactful results across the operational footprint.

"Industrial Enterprise Monitoring builds upon and elevates the Seeq mission to enable the creation of the insights that empower decisions and actions that increase operational excellence, drive sustainable manufacturing and, ultimately, the customer's bottom line," said Mark Derbecker, Chief Product Officer of Seeq. "We've always known that the people across the organization are the secret ingredient, and Industrial Enterprise Monitoring enables a company to turn local insights and expertise into a powerful system-wide advantage."

Through the Seeq Vantage app, industrial organizations can tailor, deploy and automate enterprise-level use cases, such as asset and process monitoring, condition-based maintenance, reliability and downtime tracking and more. Coupled with the Seeq Industrial Analytics and AI Suite, customers now have an integrated ecosystem to capture, analyze, aggregate, monitor, triage, investigate, and document insights and actions at the local level and the enterprise level.

"Seeq empowers industrial organizations by turning their expert knowledge into a strategic asset," says Niels Andersen, Principal Research Analyst at LNS Research. "The Seeq Vantage app significantly enhances their enterprise monitoring and AI capabilities."

Seeq Vantage is scheduled for general release in June 2024 and will be showcased at Conneqt from May 6-8, 2024.

Themed "Unleash," Conneqt 2024 will bring together Seeq customers, partners, and other industry experts for interactive sessions examining how industrial organizations can unleash the power of their operational data and people with industrial analytics and AI.

"Conneqt provides a collaborative environment for the Seeq community to exchange ideas, data-driven insights, and industrial expertise," says Dr. Lisa Graham, CEO at Seeq. "By leveraging the insights gained at Conneqt, along with the latest innovations in industrial analytics and AI, Seeq customers can unleash digital transformation outcomes across their organizations to enhance operational excellence and profitability."

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