Air Liquide establishes new low-carbon gas production platform in Quebec

Air Liquide establishes new low-carbon gas production platform in Quebec

The platform will be set up at an investment of more than €140 million

  • By ICN Bureau | October 27, 2023

Air Liquide will establish a breakthrough platform supplying low-carbon industrial gases including hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and argon in Bécancour, Québec, Canada at an investment of more than €140 million.

In addition to the Group’s 20 MW PEM electrolyzer, currently the world’s largest in operation, the infrastructure created by Air Liquide will include a new air separation unit producing renewable oxygen and nitrogen, as well as liquid storage capacity, connected by a local pipeline network to best serve its customers.

This Air Liquide low-carbon production platform, in line with the industrial and port zone's drive to decarbonize, makes Bécancour a unique place for the Group to produce renewable industrial gases and develop offers for customers engaged in the energy transition.

Air Liquide will build, own and operate a production and distribution infrastructure, including a new air separation unit (ASU) producing oxygen, nitrogen and argon; as well as a liquid storage capacity. The new ASU will be powered by renewable energy from hydropower sources, in line with Air Liquide's ADVANCE plan to reduce its CO2 emissions by 33% by 2035. Adding a total oxygen production capacity of 850 tonnes per day, the new infrastructure will primarily supply customers manufacturing battery components for electric vehicles via long term contracts and should be operational in 2025.

The project will also connect its Bécancour PEM electrolyzer, enabling the recovery and valorization of renewable oxygen from the hydrogen production. Leveraging its production platform in the Bécancour port and industrial park, the Group will be able to offer a sustainable, reliable and competitive solution to its customers today and to meet additional market demand tomorrow.

As part of Québec's development as an energy transition hub, this new investment will support growth in the electric vehicle battery sector, contributing to the decarbonization of mobility. It will initially supply battery component manufacturers, including Ecopro CAM Canada (EcoProBM + Ford + SKO), and will have the capacity to supply others in the Bécancour area as well as bulk clients in Eastern Canada.

Matthieu Giard, Chief Executive Officer of the Americas Hub, says: “Québec stands at the forefront of the energy transition, actively fostering a thriving industrial ecosystem centered on battery components, hydrogen and renewable energy. The electric vehicle battery market is a rapidly expanding frontier, giving rise to a landscape of opportunities and the emergence of ecosystems dedicated to its support and advancement. The region boasts a wealth of valuable assets, including its hydro power resources, a skilled workforce, and a dynamic innovation ecosystem. Operating in Bécancour for more than 35 years, we are delighted to be able to support the development of a growing industry with a reliable and competitive low-carbon offer.”

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