BASF, Arkema, Jayant Agro-Organics and Solidaridad publish impact of sustainable castor bean program ‘Pragati’

BASF, Arkema, Jayant Agro-Organics and Solidaridad publish impact of sustainable castor bean program ‘Pragati’

Over 7,000 farmers are now certified by the implementation program, individual farmer yield has increased substantially

  • By ICN Bureau | February 01, 2024

BASF, Arkema, Jayant Agro-Organics and implementation partner Solidaridad launched the project in May 2016. The program’s impact is as under:

* More than 7,000 farmers have been trained, audited, and certified.

* Over 74,500 tons of certified castor seed have been cultivated.

* Year 7 yield is 36% higher than the yield published by the local government for this region.

* Over 7,000 hectares are now being regularly farmed in accordance with the SuCCESS sustainable castor code– more than 27,000 hectares cumulatively; Pragati farmers are increasing their land dedicated to castor farming as it is seen as a profitable crop

* The practices followed in the Pragati project have resulted in a lower water consumption compared to conventional practices. The data measured in the demo plots for these practices showed about 21% less consumption of water.

* Over 7,000 safety kits and crop protection product boxes have been distributed free of charge.

* More than 100 medical camps organized in all project villages this year successfully conducted health monitoring of 8,500+ farmers, workers, and their family members, of which 65% were farmers enrolled in the Pragati program.

* Farmers from more than 100 villages in North Gujarat now participate in the program.

* This year, more than 380 capacity-building training sessions were held with farmers.

* Over 475 lead farmers have been identified and trained to guide certified farmer groups.

“Since my engagement with the Pragati program, I have adopted sustainable practices and diversified my agricultural practices which have improved my yield and income. The support and guidance provided in the program has played a crucial role in my adoption and successful implementation of new agricultural techniques, such as vermicompost,” says Jayeshbhai Ramjibhai Mujat, a 45-year-old castor farmer in the Banaskantha district.

The partners have committed to Phase 3 of Pragati, comprising of three years, from 2023-2026. The next phase of the project will see continued attention being paid to sustainable farming with a special focus on greater female participation and improved water management techniques in the farming communities.

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