BASF, Worldlight release new PV module frame based on polyurethane

BASF, Worldlight release new PV module frame based on polyurethane

85% reduction in product carbon footprint vs aluminum frames

  • By ICN Bureau | March 21, 2024

At CHINAPLAS 2024, BASF will unveil a total solution photovoltaic (PV) frame, co-created with Jiangsu Worldlight New Material Co., Ltd (Worldlight), a global manufacturer of PV composite frames. The PV frame, made with an industry-leading total solution that combines polyurethanes (PU) composite with a water-borne coating solution, results in an 85% reduction in product carbon footprint (PCF) vs aluminum frames. The water-borne coating solution further reduces the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by more than 90%.

PU composite is more energy-efficient to produce than aluminum. When combined with the water-borne solution, the total solution is also lighter weight and possesses superior insulation.

“Worldlight has created three main applications for different scenarios: offshore PV modules, large-scale terrestrial PV modules as well as industrial and commercial rooftop PV modules. BASF’s total solution enables us to meet strict standards and overcome challenges from diverse environmental conditions and design specifications,” said Liang Zhao, CEO, Worldlight.

PU composite, made of glass fiber-reinforced polyurethanes, has been widely used in automotive, bridge construction, and aerospace industries. Compared to aluminum, PU composite with coating provides superior cost performance and mechanical properties, including resistance to abrasion, acids, alkalis, and UV radiation.

“BASF has consistently demonstrated how we support our partners to develop innovative material solutions that meet the demanding needs of the industry as well as evolving trends and regulations. Through our collaborative efforts with Worldlight, a market leader in composite PV frames, we will further explore the potential of composite PU materials with waterborne coatings as a total solution for this promising industry,” said Silvia Mok, Vice President, Business Management Polyurethanes Systems, Performance Materials Asia Pacific, BASF.

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