Dow wins 2024 CIO 100 award for integrated data hub

Dow wins 2024 CIO 100 award for integrated data hub

Foundry’s CIO 100 Award recognizes enterprise excellence and innovation in IT

  • By ICN Bureau | March 20, 2024

Dow received a 2024 CIO 100 award for the Company’s Integrated Data Hub. This prestigious award celebrates organizations worldwide that demonstrate exceptional strategic and operational excellence in IT. This marks the third consecutive year that Dow has received this recognition.

"The Integrated Data Hub represents a significant milestone in our ongoing journey to harness data as a strategic asset,” said Melanie Kalmar, corporate vice president, chief information officer and chief digital officer. “Our approach to Data & Analytics encompasses not only technology design and implementation, but also a cultural shift centered around data access and value creation."

The Integrated Data Hub serves as a vital component of Dow’s Enterprise Data & Analytics strategy and aims to provide several key benefits, including centralized data access, empowered teams, data ownership and stewardship, state-of-the-art tooling, and streamlined analytics workflows. This innovative platform, which utilizes automated metadata consumption and domain-oriented data landing zones, ensures accountability for all data in the environment and offers advanced tools to simplify working with data.

Kalmar added: “I’m incredibly proud of the team, who did a tremendous job building the Integrated Data Hub. Implementing both technical and cultural changes in a company with over 125 years of history is no easy feat. However, the successful creation and utilization of the Integrated Data Hub demonstrates our ability to adapt and embrace opportunities. As we celebrate this achievement, we remain committed to continuous innovation, driving transformative outcomes, and unlocking new possibilities through data-driven excellence.”

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