Meghmani Finechem is now Epigral

Meghmani Finechem is now Epigral

To develop an institution, deliver sustainable growth,and achieve collaborative success as a specialized products company

  • By ICN Bureau | September 07, 2023

Meghmani Finechem Ltd, a leading integrated player in the chemical industry, unveiled its renewed corporate brand ‘Epigral Limited’. The phrase "Epitome of performance and Integral partnership" inspired the new name. ‘Epigral’ represents the company's continued, long-term ambitions to strengthen the institution and better serve clients, all while expanding the capacity and portfolio. Continuing its commitment to accelerated value creation growth plan since 2019, Epigral has been steadily working on internal transformation and enhancing its core performance benchmark.

Epigral intends to broaden its product portfolio by entering new markets and introducing additional value-added products, as well as by expanding its footprint across geographic regions spanning continents. The company is transitioning from bulk chemicals to various specialized products, catering to diverse industries. It envisions emerging as one of the leading brands in the specialty chemicals industry. The name transition is well-aligned with the company’s vision and growth journey.

"Through integral partnerships and exceptional solutions, we drive sustainable growth and maximize benefits for our stakeholders," says Epigral's new purpose statement. Epigral's tagline, ‘Enhance to Exceed’, encapsulates its commitment to make the name a verb symbolizing continuous improvement and a relentless drive to surpass standards while serving clients and stakeholders. The core values of Epigral – Caring, Together, Agile and Make it happen – underscore the company's unwavering commitment to excellence, teamwork, and a culture of accountability.

Maulik Patel, CMD of Epigral, said, "The unveiling of 'Epigral' marks an exciting journey that epitomizes our commitment to enhance value, combined with integral partnership, consistently exceeding customer expectations. This rebranding demonstrates our steadfast dedication as evidenced by our remarkable collaborations and relentless pursuit of distinction. Epigral represents a fusion of integration and excellence and reflects our focus on long-term prosperity and lasting impact for all our stakeholders. As a mark of perfection, the terms 'epitome' and 'integral' symbolize our dedication to serve our clients as an essential partner and contribute to their success."

He continued and said, "This renaming has been undertaken to strengthen our corporate brand in line with our commitment to transform the company into a global multi-product chemical conglomerate, enhancing our reputation as an integral partner for esteemed clients and stakeholders. Epigral is determined in its commitment to pushing boundaries and making a positive impact in the industry".

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