Samsung Engineering rebrands name to 'SAMSUNG E&A'

Samsung Engineering rebrands name to 'SAMSUNG E&A'

SAMSUNG E&A plans to reveal the new corporate identity in April

  • By ICN Bureau | March 21, 2024

Samsung Engineering, a world leading engineering solutions and project management company, announced today, that it will officially changes its name to 'SAMSUNG E&A'.

The company name change to SAMSUNG E&A CO., LTD. was confirmed, during the 57’s general shareholders' meeting on 21 March 2024, where the change of articles of incorporation were passed.

SAMSUNG E&A plans to reveal the new corporate identity (CI) in April.

Drawing on the unique heritage the company has built over 54 years, SAMSUNG E&A moves toward becoming a century-long company. SAMSUNG E&A embodies our vision and new identity for long-term success, as well as our values and commitment to future business expansion and innovation in business operations.

The ‘E’ stands for ‘Engineers,’ and it represents our strong asset in engineering technology but also our employees, the ‘enablers’ of our business, who will expand our future business value chain to the energy and environmental sectors and create a sustainable Earth and ecological future with a focus on innovation.

The ‘A’ signifies ‘AHEAD,’ embodying the values and determination as a first mover in the history of the Korean engineering industry, consistently at the forefront of change, and pioneering the future with a differentiated innovative execution.

The company explained that in the process of planning the future, including declaring the vision and establishing mid- to long-term strategies last year, it agreed that a new mission was needed that reflected the changed business environment and future scalability and decided to pursue this change of name.

Through this, the company is securing differentiated competitiveness by upgrading its execution system based on innovative technology, while accelerating its business development and securing preemptive technologies in the hydrogen and carbon neutral fields in the era of energy transition.

Last year, SAMSUNG E&A announced a new vision to become a company “Enabling a Sustainable Future Ahead”, and to achieve this, it established 3 policies, including differentiated performance patterns, solving social challenges with technology, and an organizational culture of respect, empathy, and communication.

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