Shakti Pumps receives 7th patent for waste water pump

Shakti Pumps receives 7th patent for waste water pump

This patent is set to maintain its validity for duration of 20 years

  • By ICN Bureau | November 02, 2023

Shakti Pumps (India) Limited, India's leading manufacturer of energy-efficient pumps and motors has received a patent for inventing a "Grinder Pump Assembly with Adjustable Impeller" The Patent Office, Government of India, has awarded Shakti Pumps this patent, fully adhering to the provisions set forth in the Patents Act of 1970. This patent is set to maintain its validity for duration of 20 years, commencing from the date of filing. This is the 7th Patent that the company has secured.

The benefits of this innovation encompass various aspects. Firstly, it involves the use of cutter arrangements in conjunction with an adjustable impeller, providing an efficient and dependable method for grinding and processing solid waste in wastewater. This reduction in the size of solid materials is critical for their manageability in subsequent treatment processes. Furthermore, by cutting and grinding, this technology produces smaller particles that are more receptive to treatment in downstream processes like as sedimentation, biological treatment, filtration and transportation. This improves the total efficiency of wastewater treatment and industrial processes greatly.

Dinesh Patidar, Chairman, Shakti Pumps, highlights another essential advantage provided by new patented technology: "The obstructions and blockages in wastewater lines primarily caused by solid waste. These blockages can disrupt operations and result in substantial maintenance costs. Through our innovative solution, we effectively mitigate these challenges, resulting in minimal maintenance requirements and reduced operational downtime. This makes our technology a practical and sustainable choice for wastewater treatment plants and industrial applications alike. It can be used in a wide range of industrial applications where reducing the size of solid particles is a critical step in the manufacturing or treatment processes."

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