Baerlocher India launches PVC stabilizer manufacturing facility in MP

Baerlocher India launches PVC stabilizer manufacturing facility in MP

Baerlocher Group marks its 200th year of existence with the launch of its brand-new polymer additives facility in Dewas, Madhya Pradesh

  • By ICN Bureau | November 02, 2023

Baerlocher India, a leading additive producer for polymers and speciality products manufacturer, has recently announced the launch of its brand new GHG emission-optimized facility, positioning Baerlocher India as one of the largest PVC stabilizer manufacturers at a single site location.

Spanning over two years, the project, which commenced with a foundation laying ceremony on January 27, 2021, is dedicated to producing sustainable additives for the PVC and polymer industry, including Calcium-based PVC stabilizers and metal soaps.

The facility is only one of the seven platinum-rated green factories in India within the Chemicals manufacturing space. It is also the first and only platinum-rated green factory in Madhya Pradesh.

As a dedicated additive manufacturer, Baerlocher India's unwavering commitment to sustainability is deeply embedded in the company's rich heritage. Operating as part of the renowned Baerlocher Group, a global PVC industry leader with a distinguished history spanning over 200 years, Baerlocher India aligns itself closely with the group's long-term vision and strategic objectives.

In a significant leap towards environmental responsibility, the company has also unveiled its state-of-the-art 500KWp rooftop solar panels at its new facility. This forward-thinking initiative is poised to generate a substantial 0.75 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of clean and renewable energy annually, resulting in a remarkable reduction of 698 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) emissions each year. Furthermore, Baerlocher India has ambitious plans to expand its solar energy capacity in the upcoming year, reaffirming its steadfast dedication to environmental stewardship and sustainable progress.

Jayen Modi, Managing Director, Baerlocher India commented, “I would think that this facility would be one of the best facilities that Baerlocher has ever accomplished. It is also the largest investment outside of Germany ever made by Baerlocher anywhere around the world. We believe it fits very well in Baerlocher’s goal of going forward and leading the future for PVC with sustainable additives. At Baerlocher India, we have always believed in pushing the boundaries of innovation and environmental stewardship. Our dedication to pioneering initiatives that safeguard the environment and set new industry standards has been the cornerstone of our journey. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to upholding our commitment to environmental responsibility, excellence, and innovation. Together with our partners, stakeholders, and the community, we are resolute in our endeavour to create a greener and more sustainable world for all.”

The new facility was inaugurated on 26th October 2023 at the hands of the Chairman of the Board of Baerlocher Group of companies, Dr. Micheal Rosenthal and Dr. Tobias Rosenthal in the presence of Mr Arne Schulle the group CEO and the top management team of Baerlocher. 

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