Evonik unveils latest global trial results

Evonik unveils latest global trial results

Reconfirms a relative bioavailability of 65 percent and significant savings when using DL-methionine

  • By ICN Bureau | April 02, 2024

Evonik has released the second edition of its MetAMINO ATLAS, a comprehensive set of 19 new performance trials investigating the relative bioavailability of supplementary methionine sources in animal diets.

The latest studies reconfirm that 65 units of MetAMINO can replace 100 units of methionine hydroxy analog free acids and its calcium salts (MHA-FA/Ca) in feeds for poultry, swine, and aquatic species without compromising animal performance.

The trials were conducted in experimental settings and under practical conditions at large scale commercial farms in 12 countries with more than two million animals. Some of the largest trials included 838,000 ducks in China, 408,500 broilers in Germany, 217,000 broilers in Brazil, and 120,000 laying hens in China.

“All the results impressively suggest that our 65% bioefficacy concept for MetAMINO is universally applicable - for all MHA products, in all monogastric farm and aqua species, under any nutritional settings, under any climate and production conditions,” says Dr. Dirk Hoehler, head of the Essential Nutrition business in the Animal Nutrition business line of Evonik. “This means that customers using MetAMINO® can achieve similar animal performance with fewer units of the product, and so reducing feed cost while improving the overall bottom-line.”

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