Sumitomo Chemical and Tokyo Institute of Technology create next-gen environmental technologies

Sumitomo Chemical and Tokyo Institute of Technology create next-gen environmental technologies

Two innovative results published during the first year of their industry-academia collaboration project

  • By ICN Bureau | May 25, 2024

Sumitomo Chemical Co. and Tokyo Institute of Technology, a national university corporation in Japan, established the Sumitomo Chemical Next-Generation Eco-Friendly Devices Collaborative Research Cluster in April 2023.

Since then, they have been advancing research aimed at promoting the practical implementation of strong correlation materials, which are expected to be one of the key materials for next-generation quantum devices.

Recently, Sumitomo Chemical and Tokyo Institute of Technology have successfully achieved two innovative results related to multiferroic materials, which are a type of strong correlation materials.

- Succeeded in the miniaturization of multiferroic materials, which has been technically challenging, marking a major step forward toward the implementation of next-generation memories that operate with ultra-low power consumption

- Discovered high-efficiency photocatalytic function in multiferroic materials, which could lead to achieving a water purification system using sunlight that contributes to reducing environmental impact

These results are expected to make a significant contribution to the development of next-generation environmental technologies. Going forward, as a leading company in this field of technology, Sumitomo Chemical will strive to achieve further results building on these achievements, and pursue their early implementation in society.

The group of materials that have a strong electron-electron interaction is called strong correlation materials. They are expected to be utilized in next-generation memory devices that can operate with ultra-low power consumption, energy harvesting devices that efficiently convert ambient energy, such as light and heat, into electric energy, and environmentally-friendly water purification systems. Sumitomo Chemical believes that strong correlation materials are a next-generation essential technology that can contribute to both energy saving and generation. For this reason, since April 2023, the Company has been working on collaborative research projects with the University of Tokyo, Tokyo Institute of Technology, and RIKEN, through cross appointment.

Sumitomo Chemical will further step up the industry-academia research and development efforts in the field of strong correlation materials. The Company will also strive to establish technology platforms and implement across society innovative new technologies that can provide solutions to achieve a sustainable society.

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