BBGI, SCGC and QTC completes successful bio-based transformer oil trial

BBGI, SCGC and QTC completes successful bio-based transformer oil trial

Starting pilot implementation in Rayong Province with plans for commercial expansion

  • By ICN Bureau | June 05, 2024

BBGI, along with partners SCGC and QTC, announced another milestone in their environmental innovation collaboration or Green Innovation in the "Development and Production of Bio-Based Transformer Oil from Palm Oil" project.

They successfully tested the oil in real transformers, meeting international standards, ensuring safe usage, and delivering it to customers for the first time in Rayong Province. They're now gearing up for commercial production expansion, helping reduce imports from foreign countries and carbon dioxide emissions, driving Thailand towards the BCG (Bio-Circular-Green Economy) policy for sustainable development. Bio-Based Transformer Oil from palm oil acts as electrical insulation and helps dissipate heat within transformers.

Kittiphong Limsuwannarot, Chief executive Officer, BBGI, discussed the success of the Bio Transformer Oil project, a collaboration between BBGI Biodiesel Co., Ltd. (BBGI BI), SCG Chemicals Pcl. (SCGC), and QTC Energy Pcl. (QTC). He stated “the tested Bio Transformer Oil met international standards for High Fire Point transformer oils, or IEC 62770, ensuring high safety in usage. Moreover, it's biodegradable, making it suitable for actual transformer use, marking the first time in Rayong Province. The readiness for commercial expansion is on the horizon.”

“SCGC, known for its expertise in green technology, utilized catalyst technology to transform palm oil into higher-value Bio-Based Transformer Oil. This development involved Open Innovation collaboration to leverage the potential of each sector efficiently, aiming to produce Bio-Based Transformer Oil from palm oil to meet global standards such as IEC 62770 and ultimately contribute to the bio-economy. This marks a significant step for Thailand's bio-economy, enabling the country to produce Bio-Based Transformer Oil domestically, thus promoting domestic substitution and reducing carbon dioxide emissions, fostering Thailand's transition towards a low-carbon society," emphasized Sumet Charoenchaidet, Central Research and Development Director, SCG Chemicals (SCGC).

Poonphiphat Tantanasin, Chief Executive Officer, QTC Energy, a manufacturer and distributor of made-to-order transformers and a distributor of Longi solar panels and Huawei inverters, praised the project's success, highlighting the comparable properties of Bio-Based Transformer Oil, “This oil compares favorably with foreign competitors, with similar viscosity to Mineral Oil, allowing for immediate substitution without transformer redesign. Moreover, it exhibits high dielectric breakdown voltage, flash point, and fire point, ensuring significant safety in usage and environmental friendliness.

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