Braskem partners with Gelmart International for bio-based EVA polymer for apparel

Braskem partners with Gelmart International for bio-based EVA polymer for apparel

Braskem's I'm green bio-based EVA derived from sustainably sourced sugarcane

  • By ICN Group | September 17, 2021

Braskem, the largest polyolefins producer in the Americas, as well as a market leader and pioneer producer of biopolymers on an industrial scale, announces its partnership with Gelmart International (Gelmart), a leading global manufacturer of intimate apparel.

Braskem in supplying its I'm greenTM EVA biopolymer to support production of the world's first-of-its-kind plant-based bra cup sourced from sustainably grown sugarcane. Gelmart's new kindly line of sustainable intimate apparel launched in August and is available exclusively across 3,300 Walmart retail stores and online at

Edison Terra, Executive Vice President of Braskem, commented, "As a global leader in bio-polymers, Braskem has a long-standing commitment to creating a more sustainable future.  Our innovative portfolio of I'm green™ plant-based materials is helping global consumer brands and manufacturers transition from legacy fossil fuels based raw materials to eco-friendlier solutions. We couldn't be more excited to announce our partnership with Gelmart, their visionary leadership is helping transform the world's apparel industry with creative new offerings that bring the same high-quality and comfort, but also deliver a more sustainable footprint on the planet."

Yossi Nasser, Chief Executive Officer of Gelmart International, stated, "We're thrilled to bring the world's first plant-based bra cup to market, but real sustainability does not exist without accessibility. It's important to us that our brands are known not only for quality products, but more for creating a movement towards a eco-friendlier and attainable lifestyle for all. So finding the right partner to provide the high-quality eco-friendly materials at scale was an essential factor in our strategy. Braskem was the natural choice for us as a leading supplier of biopolymers, their deep expertise in Green EVA and their collaborative approach were a perfect fit."

Braskem's I'm green bio-based EVA is sustainably produced from sugarcane, a renewable source that contributes to the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by CO2 capture. For those who want to adopt Green EVA into a new product concept, it is ideal for use in apparel, footwear, children's toys, general foams and much more.

Giancarlos Delevati, Account Manager & Business Development of Braskem, commented, "Today's consumer is taking a more holistic approach when making their purchasing decision and this increasingly calls for selecting products that are developed and produced with a focus on sustainability as a primary consideration. At Braskem, we partner with our customers to help them make the transition from legacy materials to more environmentally friendly materials. We are proud to work with Gelmart to help move the apparel industry forward on its sustainability journey and deliver products that meet the needs of their customers who are passionate about creating a better future for the planet."

Eve Bastug, Chief Product Officer of Gelmart International, stated, "In my 40 plus years working in the industry, this was the most challenging project I've worked on - and it certainly feels the most rewarding. It took us three years to work towards a sustainable cup that is over 80% plant-based. Our goal is to never make consumers choose between function, plant and price, by creating a more sustainable future with beautifully crafted products that people can feel good about wearing."

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