Carbios produces 100% enzymatically recycled white PET fiber from colored textile waste

Carbios produces 100% enzymatically recycled white PET fiber from colored textile waste

The company takes textile circularity a step ahead with its enzymatic recycling technology

  • By ICN Bureau | March 11, 2022

Carbios, a pioneer in the development of enzymatic solutions dedicated to the end-of-life of plastic and textile polymers, announced the validation of the 3rd and final technical step of the CE-PET research project, co-funded by ADEME3 (France’s Environment and Energy Management Agency), for which Carbios is the lead partner alongside its academic partner TWB.

This achievement confirms, once again, the full potential and breadth of Carbios' enzymatic recycling process, C-ZYME. This breakthrough innovation makes it possible to produce a wide variety of products of equivalent quality to those of petro-sourced origin from any PET waste, including textiles.

Emmanuel Ladent, Chief Executive Officer of Carbios: “Thanks to our breakthrough process, it will soon be possible to manufacture, on a large scale, t-shirts or bottles using polyester textile waste as raw material. This is a major breakthrough that gives value to waste that currently has little or no value. It is a concrete solution that opens up a global market of 60 million tons per year of potential raw materials and will help to reduce the use of fossil resources.”

In November 2020, Carbios had already produced the first transparent bottles from textile waste. These 100% recycled PET bottles have now passed the food contact validation tests. This is an important step that paves the way for the use of a new waste source for the production of biorecycled PET food packaging.

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