Clariant launches Desi Pak ECO with new bio-based moisture-adsorbing packets

Clariant launches Desi Pak ECO with new bio-based moisture-adsorbing packets

Plastic-free packs made from raw materials that are sustainably-grown, & non-toxic water based inks and adhesive

  • By ICN Bureau | June 06, 2023

Clariant, a sustainability-focused specialty chemical company, takes a further step to improve the environmental impact of desiccants by adding plastic-free Desi Pak ECO moisture adsorbing packets to its range of responsibly-mined, highly-adsorbent, natural clay solutions that help manufacturers and distributors protect sealed packaged goods from moisture damage.

“Moisture control has an integral role in the supply chain in preserving the quality and integrity of products sensitive to moisture and humidity. Moisture-related damage has a known environmental impact, creating waste through discarded goods and emissions associated with replacing damaged goods,” comments Ryan Grauer, Head of Sales, Marketing, & Technology, Cargo & Device Protection, Clariant Adsorbents & Additives.

“With the increased demand for packaging solutions with a lower carbon footprint, we are excited to offer customers the option of bio-based paper packets that deliver the trusted protection performance of our naturally-occurring highly-adsorbent bentonite clay desiccant.”

The innovative new moisture-adsorbing packets feature bio-based paper made from raw materials that are sustainably grown and use only water-based inks and adhesive. Available in the standard packets size 1-, 2-, 5-, 10- and 33-grams including custom sizes, they are filled with carefully selected granulated high-grade bentonite clay, which is responsibly-sourced, minimally processed, and offers highly efficient moisture adsorption compared to synthetic alternatives in the most common packaging conditions.

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