COTEC, CADIS develop hydrophobic coating printer for auto displays

COTEC, CADIS develop hydrophobic coating printer for auto displays

Leveraging vision care technology and know-how to expand coating material applications

  • By ICN Bureau | March 14, 2024

Mitsui Chemicals announced that COTEC GmbH, a German subsidiary of U.S.-based group company SDC Technologies, have developed a digital printer for innovative hydrophobic-coated automotive displays in partnership with fellow German company CADIS Engineering GmbH.

Used in ophthalmic lenses, among others, COTEC’s ultra-hydrophobic coatings not only offer outstanding water repellency, but also helps to keep the clear views and easy-to-clean, as fingerprints, sebum and dirt can easily be wiped off the coated surface. The new printer combines COTEC’s ultra-hydrophobic coating technology with CADIS’s digital printing machine expertise.

The result is a groundbreaking technology that allows continuous production of hydrophobic coatings for automotive displays in a normal pressure environment, as opposed to the current method based on batch production using a vacuum evaporator.

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