Worley partners with Nano One to deploy its One-Pot process technology

Worley partners with Nano One to deploy its One-Pot process technology

Worley’s Chemetics teams will design and fabricate the process reactors

  • By ICN Bureau | May 20, 2024

Worley has partnered with Nano One, a technology company with patented processes for the sustainable production of lithium-ion battery cathode active materials (CAM), to accelerate commercial scale deployment of its One-Pot process.

The process is anticipated to produce high quality cathode materials with a lower environmental impact. It eliminates wastewater and a sodium sulphate waste stream, a major challenge in current cathode material production processes.

The strategic alliance will accelerate the development and deployment of a new generation of battery cathode material plants sold and licensed to operators globally.

Worley will work with Nano One to integrate the One-Pot process into a design package, including specialized equipment. This will enable customers to create competitive CAM production facilities to meet growing market needs. The initial focus will be on lithium ferro phosphate (LFP) cathode chemistries and will extend to other chemistries in time.

Worley’s Chemetics teams will design and fabricate the process reactors, incorporating metal alloys that are specifically designed for corrosive environments. The company will also work with Nano One on process and plant designs to create a design-one-build-many growth strategies.

“We expect this partnership to add value and significantly de-risk the One-Pot process, with Worley Chemetics’ patented metal alloys, reactor design and fabrication capability, and the technical and delivery capability of the broader Worley organization. We have found in Worley a collaborative, insightful and visionary team that is just as passionate about changing the way the world makes battery materials as we are,” said Dan Blondal, Nano One CEO.

“Nano One's innovative One-Pot process has the potential to transform the production and performance of battery materials. Combining Nano One’s technology with our expertise and scale in battery materials will advance our growth strategy while accelerating the deployment of this important technology,” added Laura Leonard, Group President, Technology Solutions.

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