DCM Shriram facilitates industry visit for Chemical Engineering students from Manipal University

DCM Shriram facilitates industry visit for Chemical Engineering students from Manipal University

The visit was organized to provide students with hands-on exposure to the application of chemical engineering principles

  • By ICN Bureau | April 25, 2024

DCM Shriram Ltd hosted 15 Chemical Engineering students from Manipal University, Jaipur at its site in Kota (Rajasthan). The visit was organized on 15 April, 2024 under the aegis of Indian Chemical Council’s Industry Academia Committee. The visit aimed to provide students with practical insights into various industrial processes and operations. The students were of 2nd and 3rd year (B.Tech. -Chemical Engineering) and were accompanied by 2 faculties.

The visit began with a safety presentation by the security office, highlighting the importance of safety protocols in an industrial setting. Students gained an appreciation for the importance of safety in industrial operations. They learned about safety measures and considerations specific to chemical engineering processes.

It was followed by a detailed presentation about the plant’s operations and the HR support provided to ensure a safe and efficient working environment.

Inside the unit, the first stop was Fenesta which produces windows and door frames. Students observed the manufacturing process and learned about quality control measures.

Next, the group visited the Chlor-alkali unit, where they learned about the production of chlorine, caustic soda, and hydrogen. The visit included a walkthrough of the production facility and an overview of the chemical processes involved.

Following this, the students visited the ammonia and urea production units, where they gained insights into the production processes of these important industrial chemicals. The tour included discussions on raw material sourcing, key chemical reactions, and product handling.

The industry visit provided students with a practical understanding of industrial processes, including the production of Fenesta uPVC windows, doors, chlorine, caustic soda, ammonia, and urea. This hands-on experience complemented their theoretical knowledge, enhancing their overall understanding of chemical engineering principles.

The visit exposed students to a variety of industrial operations, from manufacturing processes to quality control measures. This exposure broadened their perspective on the diverse applications of chemical engineering in industry.

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