Trinseo introduces Induro acrylic capped sheet

Trinseo introduces Induro acrylic capped sheet

Uniform pigmentation delivers more stable, longer lasting color

  • By ICN Bureau | July 28, 2023

Trinseo, a specialty materials solutions provider, is launching INDURO, a highly engineered continuous cast acrylic capped sheet specifically developed as a more durable material replacement for exterior panels in recreational and other vehicles in the mobility sector.

The material offers significant advantages over alternate exterior panel materials, such as gel coatings and fiberglass, by enhancing aesthetics, performance, and processability. It performs well in demanding environments due to the inherent weather and UV resistance of acrylic. In comparison to gel coat and fiber-reinforced polyester, INDURO™ enables a hydrocarbon-, emission-free production method and streamlines part processing because of the repeatable, consistent caliper thickness throughout the full width of the sheet.

“INDURO provides manufacturers the ability to deliver a long-lasting finish to their customers. The material is used for the largest and most visible parts of a vehicle and offers exceptional gloss, chemical/scratch resistance, weatherability, and color fastness,” said Trinseo’s Michel Brendel, Vice President, Global Engineered Surfaces.

“These are key performance properties required for vehicles such as boats, agricultural equipment, and trailers that are regularly exposed to weather extremes.”

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