Cefic-CIA unite on post-Brexit EU-UK chemical trade relationship

Brexit without a new trade agreement between the UK and the EU would be the worst possible outcome
By ICN Bureau
Chemical, November 22 , 2017

Cefic (the European Chemical Industry Council) and CIA (the Chemical Industries Association, the organization representing and advising chemical and pharmaceutical companies located across the UK), have signed a joint statement that sets out the importance of future EU/UK trading relationship across the European chemical industry. The statement

covers supply chains, tariffs, customs procedures, free movement of people, investment, regulatory consistency and transition & legal certainty.

Key highlights of Cefic-CIA statement for a healthy European chemical industry:

  • Brexit without a new trade agreement between the UK and the EU would be the worst possible outcome; 
  • a transition period is essential;
  • the least disruptive agreement in terms of customs procedures and
  • continued free movement of skilled labour between the EU-27 and the UK is essential;
  • the establishment of concrete measures to facilitate investment and growth of the European chemical industry and
  • regulatory consistency to uphold the level playing field between the EU-27 and the UK are necessary.

Marco Mensink, Director General of Cefic, said, “Considering that cross-channel chemical trade amounts to over 40 bn euro and given the close interconnection of supply chains, we are very concerned about Brexit causing disruption of chemical markets. Business needs to get clarity on the nature of the future relationship and the provisions that will apply in a transitional period as early as possible so it can timely prepare”.

Steve Elliott, Chief Executive of CIA added: “Brexit is a huge challenge for the EU and for the UK. We call on negotiators on both sides to make rapid progress, so the discussions can move to a future relationship that delivers growth for all parts of our Continent. That growth can be best achieved by the development of a forward looking industrial policy ensuring Europe is an attractive place to invest, where the chemical industry can thrive and continue to deliver societal solutions including jobs growth across all of Europe".

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