Archroma introduces innovative ultra-compact Color Atlas

Archroma introduces innovative ultra-compact Color Atlas

Color Atlas by Archroma, with 5,760 colors, is now easier to use and more portable than ever with the first-of-its-kind Mini Flex and Mini Palette editions

  • By ICN Bureau | July 09, 2024

Archroma, a global leader in specialty chemicals towards sustainable solutions, is introducing an innovative portable version of its market-leading Color Atlas by Archroma color catalogue to help streamline textile and fashion industry workflows with truly convenient color comparison.

The Color Atlas by Archroma, Mini Flex and Mini Palette editions are available as convenient libraries of textile color swatches that set a new standard for efficient color selection and comparison while on the go, in the office, factory or in a work-from-home setting.

The new Color Atlas by Archroma formats give designers a visual companion tool for digital color libraries may not be accurate due to the limitations of the user’s smartphone or tablet display.

The Color Atlas by Archroma Mini Flex and Mini Palette editions overcome these challenges. Both formats are user friendly and travel-ready, with no mask required to isolate colors for selection and comparison.

The Mini Flex edition features textile color chips that allow users to quickly find and compare colors with their desired target color.

In the Mini Palette edition, individual color chips are inserted into slots in plastic palette sheets for ease of use and portability. Users can carry the pre-made palette sheet swatches or customize a palette sheet using chips from several swatches.

Both Color Atlas by Archroma Mini Flex and Mini Palette formats contain 5,760 unique colors: 4,320 cotton colors and 1,440 polyester colors.

“Our Color Atlas has inspired creativity, enhanced communication and helped ensure color accuracy since it was launched in 2016. As new ways of working digitally and physically along with the demand for speed reshapes the fashion and textile industry, we continue to innovate to support brands, designers and mills to work faster and smarter together, wherever they are,” Chris Hipps, Global Director, Archroma Color Management, said. “Our innovative new Mini Flex and Mini Palette Color Atlas products provide a true breakthrough for ease of use and portability compared with traditional libraries in use.”

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