Evonik TEGO Guard 9000 protects facades from the moment of application

Evonik TEGO Guard 9000 protects facades from the moment of application

Fast weather resistance and longer lasting protection of building and facades

  • By ICN Bureau | October 27, 2023

While the formulation of exterior paints may differ around the world, the challenge of protecting buildings from environmental impact seems universal. With the new additive TEGO Guard 9000 from Evonik Coating Additives, it is possible to protect building facades from the moment of application.

“The application of facade paints has been highly dependent on the weather, as newly applied facade coatings had traditionally long drying times, making them more vulnerable to water and dirt”, says Ellen Reuter, head of the Decorative market segment for the EMEA region. “Evonik’s new TEGO Guard 9000 addresses this key customer pain-point by improving the stabilization of paint ingredients in facade coatings and providing almost immediate protection against weathering,” she says.

While conventional high pigment volume concentration (PVC) exterior facade coatings typically take three hours or more to dry, the new ‘Quick-Set property’ of TEGO® Guard 9000 technology enables high rain resistance just a few minutes after application. The technology promotes electrostatic interaction between a cationic organic polymer and the anionic paint ingredients in the coating formulation.

Additionally, the special formulation of TEGO® Guard 9000 allows for customized addition to formulations without affecting storage stability. The additive can be used universally, regardless of the binder, PVC and color selected, and is suitable for environmentally friendly waterborne facade coatings.

“Coating formulators using TEGO® Guard 9000 can offer innovative and environmentally friendly facade coatings that can be applied more flexibly and regardless of weather conditions”, says Katina Kiep, head of the Global Decorative market segment at Evonik Coating Additives. “Due to the increasing unpredictability of extreme weather caused by climate change, and more stringent regulatory requirements, there is a growing demand for facade coatings that offer immediate weather resistance and long-lasting protection against environmental impacts.”

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