Rohm inaugurates PMMA plant in Germany

Rohm inaugurates PMMA plant in Germany

Increase in production capacity due to rising demand from the automotive industry

  • By ICN Bureau | February 26, 2024

Rohm is expanding poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA) production capacity in Worms, Germany, with the opening of a new plant specifically for Plexiglas molding compounds.

In expanding production capacity for Plexiglas molding compounds at its largest global production site in Worms, Rohm has reached another important milestone in its growth strategy. At an official ceremony, the plant was officially commissioned by Rohm’s COO Hans-Peter Hauck, head of the Worms Site, Robert Weber, and Senior Vice President of the Molding Compounds Business Unit, Siamak Djafarian.

“The strategic expansion of our global PMMA capacities is an important step on our way to becoming the leading methacrylate Verbund,” said Hauck. “Following the expansion of the plant’s capacity in Shanghai last year, we are now further consolidating our market leadership in Europe with this substantial increase in production capacity in Worms.”

The newly constructed plant will employ a newer, highly energy-efficient production process that will see a significant reduction in the carbon footprint of molding compound production. “Sustainability is an integral part of our business strategy,” added Siamak Djafarian, Head of Röhm’s Molding Compounds Business Unit. By increasing its production capacity, Röhm aims to respond to a steadily growing demand – especially from the automotive industry.

Work on expanding production capacity for Plexiglas molding compounds in Worms, including an additional compounding plant for colored products, commenced in 2022 and is one of Röhm’s key strategic investments. Both the building and the infrastructure for the expansion of production capacity were already in situ.

“Röhm has always acted with foresight in the past. Our engineers already anticipated a capacity expansion for Plexiglas molding compounds many years ago, and so they planned and designed the space with an additional production line in mind,” added Djafarian. “We also view our investment in the Worms site as a commitment to Germany as an industrial location.”

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