Syensqo launches circular Omnix ECHO solutions for household and food appliances

Syensqo launches circular Omnix ECHO solutions for household and food appliances

High post-consumer/post-industrial recycled content for significantly lower product carbon footprint

  • By ICN Bureau | July 09, 2024

Syensqo, a leading global provider of Advanced Performance Materials and Chemical Solutions, has announced the introduction of five new high performance ECHO grades as part of the company’s growing Omnix ECHO portfolio of circular polymers.

With a mass-balanced (MB) allocated recycled content between 33% and 98% from post-consumer and/or post-industrial (PCR/PIR) sources, including fibers, the new sustainable products offer a considerably reduced product carbon footprint potential. These products maintain the same mechanical performance and superior flowability as PA6 and PA66 all-virgin base materials.

Omnix 1000 ECHO series – with up to 98% mass-balanced (MB) allocated recycled content, providing up to 56% product carbon footprint (PCF)[1] reduction, ideal for drop-in replacement of conventional polyamide resins.

Omnix FC 6000 ECHO HPPA series (food-contact approved) – exceeds the performance of PA virgin incumbents and includes the industry’s first food-contact approved HPPA compound with recycled content (33%, achieving a 34% lower PCF).

Omnix 6000 ECHO HPPA series (non-food-contact) – delivers a superior balance of higher performance and lower product carbon footprint than engineered polyamides PA6 or PA66 base materials, with up to 83% mass-balanced (MB) allocated recycled content and 45% lower PCF.

“As brand owners and manufacturers are seeking to minimize the carbon footprint of their products, our Omnix ECHO series now offer a range of attractive, ECHO solutions engineered to enable outstanding sustainability with no compromises on processability, dimensional stability, stiffness, impact strength or surface aspect,” says Ricardo Calumby, Global Marketing Manager Sustainability at Syensqo. “The extended ECHO portfolio confirms our industry-leading role as innovators in sustainability.”

The new Omnix ECHO series are primarily targeted at household appliances and consumer goods, such as drip and single-serve coffee makers, food processors and slow cookers, ovens and air fryers, kitchen robot chassis and kitchen utensils as well as razor brackets.

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