UPL's aquatic herbicide ‘Top Deck’ registered in California

UPL's aquatic herbicide ‘Top Deck’ registered in California

Top Deck herbicide has no restrictions for livestock watering, fishing, swimming or domestic use

  • By ICN Bureau | October 10, 2023

UPL Ltd., a global provider of sustainable agricultural solutions, announces state registration of Top Deck herbicide for California for the control of aquatic vegetation in and around aquatic sites, terrestrial non-crop areas, industrial sites and rights-of-way.

This registration approval means that California applicators will be able to use Top Deck to control problematic shoreline, floating, emerged, and submerged aquatic weeds such as grasses, cattails, phragmites, flowering rush, water lily, water hyacinth, water lettuce, pondweeds and wild taro weed species. Top Deck has no restriction for livestock watering, swimming, fishing or domestic use.

Kevin Jabkiewicz, Marketing Manager, Environmental Solutions, said, “We continue to expand UPL’s portfolio of innovative products for the aquatics, fumigants and specialty markets and are very pleased to receive this label approval for California. In the past, applicators in that state had limited tools to manage nuisance weeds in aquatic environments. With Top Deck we are offering applicators a safe and effective solution for aquatic weed management.”

Top Deck is an ideal alternative to glyphosate for aquatic weed control and supports UPL’s commitment to providing effective weed control solutions.

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