Vishnu Chemicals acquires Ramadas Minerals for Rs. 26 Cr

Vishnu Chemicals acquires Ramadas Minerals for Rs. 26 Cr

The acquisition will help the company to improve raw material quality resulting in exceptional products for domestic and global customers

  • By ICN Bureau | July 23, 2023

Hyderabad-based speciality chemical manufacturer Vishnu Chemicals has announced that it has acquired 100 per cent stake in Chennai-based Ramadas Minerals Pvt Ltd. The acquisition was made through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Vishnu Barium Pvt Ltd for a consideration of Rs. 26 crore.

Ramadas Minerals is a Chennai-based company engaged in the beneficiation of Baryte ores. The company is known for its world-class beneficiation plant built using US patented technology capable of removing impurities from Baryte to produce a higher-grade Barium; a key raw material in the production of Barium chemicals.

Vishnu's decision to invest in Ramadas Minerals aligns with its vision to produce high-quality materials for its customers globally.

Commenting on the acquisition, Krishna Murthy Cherukuri, Chairman and Managing Director of Vishnu Chemicals said, "We are thrilled to announce the successful acquisition of Ramadas Minerals. This strategic move brings forth a myriad of advantages for our company. By integrating Ramadas Minerals' expertise, we can fortify control, boost efficiency, and elevate the overall quality of our raw materials, culminating in exceptional products for our domestic as well as global customers.

“Moreover, the acquisition enables us to curtail the cost of raw materials, ensuring enhanced financial stability and greater value for our shareholders. The consistent quality and improved yields achieved through this symbiotic collaboration position us strongly in the market and effectively mitigate price volatility risks. With the plant already operational, we save valuable time compared to embarking on a project from the ground up, empowering us to swiftly capitalize on the abundant market opportunities. This acquisition represents a significant stride in our growth journey, empowering us to continue delivering excellence to our customers. “

Vishnu Barium Private Limited (VBPL) is one of the major manufacturers of Barium based Speciality Chemicals in India. Headquartered in Hyderabad, VBPL is nationally and globally recognized for its high quality barium carbonate and precipitated barium sulphate. The products are sold across 15+ countries globally including USA, Europe, France and UK.

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