Shiva Engineering bags projects worth CAPEX Rs. 2,500+ crore in 2022-23: Ashish Parikh, Business Head, Shiva Engineering Services

July 29, 2023

The company focuses on greenfield and brownfield project engineering which includes: Plant Engineering, Facility Master Planning, Engineering (Basic & Detailed), and Project & Construction Management

What is the overall size of Global EPC business in FY 2022-23 and what percentage comes from the Chemicals, Petrochemicals, and Energy sector? Forecast for FY 2023-24?

The global EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) market is expected to be around US $8,000 billion in FY 2022-23. Favorable government norms towards reduction of carbon emissions and increasing production of renewable energy will boost EPC market growth. With a lot of old infrastructure, the demand for redevelopment projects is expected to be high in future.

Increased government expenditure on infrastructure as well as private Capex would boost the Indian EPC sector and will have an impact on the steep increase in Capex outlay of around 32% from Rs. 7.5 lakh crore to Rs. 10 lakh crore.

Brief about Shiva Engineering Services and the kind of work that the company is undertaking for Chemicals, Petrochemicals, and Energy vertical?

Shiva Engineering Services (SES) is a leading engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCm) and EPC company that specializes in providing turnkey solutions for various industries, including chemicals, pharma, food processing, petrochemicals, and energy. The company focuses on greenfield and brownfield project engineering which includes: Plant Engineering, Facility Master Planning, Engineering (Basic & Detailed), and Project & Construction Management.

With respect to Plant Digitalization and Management Services, the focus is on Laser Scan, Digital Twin, Drone Survey, Project Management, Architectural, Civil & Structural, LEED, Green Building, Warehouse, Safety Studies, Utility and Offsites, and Fire Protection. EPC segment focuses on Construction & Turnkey and Solar EPC.

In the Chemicals, Petrochemicals, and Energy sector, SES has undertaken several projects and provided services. The company has a team of highly experienced professionals who have expertise in their respective fields. SES uses the latest technologies and innovative solutions to deliver high-quality projects within a given timeline and budget.

Key greenfield and brownfield orders bagged in the Chemicals, Petrochemicals, and Energy sector in FY 2022-23? What's the total order value in these sectors till date?

SES has completed a considerable amount of work in the chemical, specialty chemical, agrochemical, paint, aroma, food processing plants, bromine & its derivatives, and numerous adjacent markets in India and across the globe over the past 13 years. In the fiscal year 2022–23, SES won projects worth more than Rs. 2,500 crore. 

SES Digital focuses on next-gen smart solutions to help industrial business leaders to grow into smart organizations. Technologies where you have gained mastery to deploy smart manufacturing? Services that you are providing to customers?

SES Digital’s next-gen smart solutions focuses on Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing initiatives with cutting-edge technologies along with our domain expertise in engineering services that helps our customers to build smart organizations. top- notch technologies like 3D laser scanning, drone survey, AR & VR tech for project reviews, helped our customers with reducing various engineering spends as well as decreasing the overall projects timelines. These technologies also helped us by providing us with market wide competitive advantages.

What's the impact of digital transformation technologies on SES? How are you helping your client?

SES is at forefront while adopting digital solutions for quality and quick delivery and helping them to operationalize their capex cycle and investment. Some of the key solutions that we regularly use are Laser Scan and Drone Survey.

Laser Scan – They are very effective for any capacity addition, modification, debottlenecking, or brownfield project requirement. All the data related to existing plant setup can be very accurately captured using a laser scanner. This data can be used for super imposed modelling, where you can see old plants and new recommended modifications together. This helps in construction sequencing, reducing the downtime, and optimization of existing setup. We are focusing on drone survey, construction camera, 3D Modelling and VR (Virtual Reality).

Drone Survey – Contour mapping, topography survey, remote construction progress monitoring, thermography survey, inspection and many applications are associated with drones; Construction Camera – Construction progress, real time update, comparison, contractor mobilization details, security all these applications are associated with construction camera solutions. With app base interface SES helps its clients to monitor their sites remotely; and 3D modelling & VR – Visualization of your plant and immersive walkthrough and training are well known use cases of these solutions.

Are you working on sustainability and EV initiatives?

Shiva Engineering Services is working very closely with leading industrial players to develop sustainable and green infrastructure which includes green industrial building setups, solar infrastructure, recycle material process, and manufacturing plants. For example, SES is working very closely in bromine, bromine derivative manufacturing plants, PVDF films, fluorine chemistry, sustainable packaging plants, and many more.

How is Shiva Engineering Services managing sustainability and growth at the same time?

Creating sustainable value and enhancing market performance has never been more challenging. Being a company with a mission, we've integrated sustainability into our core business strategy with the goal of expanding our firm's circle of responsibility beyond just doing long-term good. Our focus on the needs of the consumer, along with technological advancements, has always given us a competitive advantage.