BASF to showcase sustainable additive solutions at CHINAPLAS 2024

BASF to showcase sustainable additive solutions at CHINAPLAS 2024

Advanced light stabilizers and antioxidants to make plastics more sustainable

  • By ICN Bureau | April 04, 2024

BASF joins CHINAPLAS 2024, a landmark event in the plastic and rubber industries, to present its latest additive offerings, which significantly increase the sustainability of various plastic applications.

These solutions help customers from the plastics industry achieve their sustainability goals by improving durability, reducing emissions, and enhancing the performance and quality of recycled plastics.

"CHINAPLAS 2024 gives us a great opportunity to invite our customers to BASF’s plastics journey, which is all about developing sustainable solutions, promoting circularity, and driving innovation in the plastics industry,” said Hazel Sprafke, Vice President, Global Business Management, Plastic Additives, Asia Pacific.

BASF will showcase IrgaCycle which improves the mechanical recycling process.  If used plastics are mechanically recycled for a second life, additives are needed to enhance recyclates. BASF partners with Axroma, a Taiwanese textile producer to convert discarded fishing nets into T-shirts. Axroma recovers polypropylene (PP) from the nets and spins it into fibers, achieving a higher recycled content with the help of BASF's IrgaCycle.

Tinuvin 2730, the latest addition to the product family, offers superior light stability. It helps pontoons last up to 30 years, surpassing conventional products. Other applications, such as Tinuvin NOR® for greenhouse films and Irgastab for enhanced latex stability for shoe soles, will be highlighted at the BASF booth.

"CHINAPLAS 2024, a truly international event, does not just allow us to showcase our latest products and initiatives,” added Sprafke. “At CHINAPLAS, resin, compound, and masterbatch producers will experience the future of plastic additives technology, connect, and identify new opportunities that will accelerate the shift to a circular economy.”

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