Clariant implements new ammonia catalyst in three reference sites

Clariant implements new ammonia catalyst in three reference sites

All three sites confirm superior catalyst performance, reduced production costs and lower CO2 emissions

  • By ICN Bureau | June 28, 2023
Clariant’s efforts to foster the energy transition show next great results. The new AmoMax-Casale ammonia synthesis catalyst has proven itself in all of its first three industrial references. Jointly developed by Clariant and Casale, the catalyst features exceptional activity, stability, and energy efficiency. These benefits have been confirmed at the ammonia production facilities of Nutrien in Trinidad and Tobago, Mosaic in the USA, and YARA Sluiskil in the Netherlands. Based on plant data, all sites report superior catalyst performance with significant reductions in energy and production costs. At the same time, lower carbon dioxide emissions have greatly improved the sustainability of the plants. With ammonia considered to play an important role in a future hydrogen eco-system, a high-performing, energy-efficient ammonia synthesis catalyst, like AmoMax-Casale, is crucial for accelerating the transition toward net zero.
Georg Anfang, Vice President Syngas and Fuels at Clariant Catalysts, stated, “The implementation of AmoMax-Casale in several units with different designs and process requirements not only confirms the excellence of our innovative catalyst, but also its flexibility. Currently, more than 70% of ammonia produced is used by fertilizer manufacturers, but as ammonia becomes increasingly important as an energy carrier and fuel, AmoMax-Casale can also play a decisive role in facilitating the energy transition.”
Ermanno Filippi, CTO at Casale, added, “Our advanced ammonia converter has already demonstrated its strong impact on plant productivity, energy consumption and emissions. By combining it with our jointly developed innovative AmoMax-Casale catalyst, we are now able to help our customers achieve even greater plant performance.”
AmoMax-Casale is the customized evolution of Clariant’s industry-proven AmoMax 10 catalyst series with more than 120 references worldwide. The new catalyst has been specifically optimized for Casale ammonia converters resulting in an up to 30% enhanced efficiency index.
The first industrial application of AmoMax-Casale was in 2021 at Nutrien’s ammonia production plant in Trinidad and Tobago. The facility now realizes energy savings of approximately US$ 500,000 per year, as well as an annual reduction in CO2 emissions of 4,700 MT. The second AmoMax-Casale customer was Mosaic in Louisiana. After the revamp, the plant is benefitting from a significantly lower operating pressure (12% lower), and a higher ammonia concentration at the outlet (9% higher), demonstrating the excellent performances of the catalyst and the new ammonia converter. The latest application of the catalyst was at Yara Sluiskil in their 1200 MTPD ammonia plant in the Netherlands. The catalyst was activated within just 2.5 days and is performing well.
The advantages of the AmoMax-Casale catalyst were also recognized by two awards: The Swiss Chemical Society’s Sandmeyer Award 2021 and the prestigious ICIS Innovation Award 2020 for “Best Sustainable Process”. Furthermore, Casale’s ammonia technology and the AmoMax-Casale catalyst have been selected for multiple green ammonia projects, underlining both companies strive to accelerate the energy transition.

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