Dhanuka Agritech launches BiologiQ range of products

Dhanuka Agritech launches BiologiQ range of products

Dhanuka will be launching 2 to 3 new 9 (3) molecules for the first time in India

  • By ICN Bureau | June 06, 2023

Dhanuka Agritech Ltd., one of the leading agri-input companies in India, announced its entry into the agri-biological segment with the launch of its BiologiQ range of products.

BiologiQ is a unique range of sustainable solutions developed with the fusion of traditional science and new-age agriculture practices.

BiologiQ represents a broad category of crop protection, soil health, and plant nutrition products that are derived from nature. BiologiQ products can be used individually or in combination with conventional chemical products under an Integrated Pest & Nutrition Management (IPNM) plan to produce powerful results for the crop and the soil. BiologiQ portfolio supports 4Rs – Resistance, Residue, Resurgence, and Soil Rejuvenation management with different action modes, resulting in increased crop yield and farm productivity.

Three introductory products in the BiologiQ range are Whiteaxe biological insecticide, Downil biological fungicide, and Sporenil biological wilticide.

Speaking about BiologiQ, M K Dhanuka, Managing Director of Dhanuka Group said, “We are launching three biological products Whiteaxe, Downil, and Spornil in the bio-agri segment. This segment is increasing globally, and we see good demand for these products in India as well. We hope that in times to come we will be introducing some more biological products in our BiologiQ range.”

‘’BiologiQ will help in filling the gaps that are currently being created by the use of chemical solutions alone. We have seen that our biological products when used alone or alternately with chemical solutions under an integrated plan can produce impactful results. It also helps in addressing resistance building among pests due to regular use of chemicals.’’ said Manoj Varshney, National Marketing Head of Dhanuka Agritech.

Varshney said, “BiologiQ is a new age sustainable range of bio-agri solutions from the house of Dhanuka, with 42 years of legacy in providing quality and trusted crop care products. Our product quality is assured by certification agencies like CIBRC, Ecocert, OMRI, and Indocert.”

Dhanuka Agritech further strengthened its herbicide portfolio by introducing two selective herbicides Implode and Mesotrax.

Implode is a selective herbicide for maize crop. Implode contains Topramezone 33.6% SC and is effective on narrow-leaf and broad-leaf weeds. It inhibits the weed from drawing nutrients from the soil and eliminates the weed from the root. Implode leaves the crop healthy and green and thus results in better yield.

Mesotrax is a selective herbicide for sugarcane and maize crops. Mesotrax contains Mesotrione 2.27% and Atrazine 22.7% and is effective on narrow-leaf and broad-leaf weeds. Mesotrax leaves the crop safe and healthy and results in better yields.

With these new introductions, Dhanuka Agritech is optimistic to strengthen its position in the crop care product segment. Dhanuka Agritech has a positive outlook for the agricultural sector in India for FY 2023-24 with new growth plans and a robust product pipeline.

Dhanuka will be launching 2 to 3 new 9 (3) molecules for the first time in India. Apart from these, the company will also introduce 3 to 4 molecules under section 9 (4) or co-market them. Dhanuka’s growth story remains strong and consistent as we focus our efforts on serving the needs of Indian farmers.

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