Evonik delegation visits Kazerne Dossin as part of the project 'Every name matters'

Evonik delegation visits Kazerne Dossin as part of the project 'Every name matters'

Cross-border campaign against intolerance and exclusion

  • By ICN Bureau | February 28, 2024

A delegation from the Evonik Group visited Kazerne Dossin in Mechelen. The visit was dedicated to the public project "Every name matters", commemorating the thousands of victims of the Holocaust in Belgium by restoring their names.

Kazerne Dossin is a museum that tells the historical story of the persecution of Jews and the Holocaust in Belgium while being a research centre on Holocaust and Human Rights. Its mission: to encourage reflection on racism, exclusion of population groups and discrimination. Through the public project "Every name matters", individuals as well as partner organisations, schools and companies can say the name of a deportee, thus commemorating the 25,843 victims.

Thomas Wessel, Chief Human Resources Officer of the Evonik Group, Markus Langer, Co-Managing Director of the Evonik Foundation and Dr Andrea Hohmeyer, Head of Heritage & History, are fully behind the culture of remembrance, which naturally has an important place at Evonik. Evonik has been actively addressing the past of its predecessors and their involvement in the crimes of National Socialism for years. After all, dealing openly and transparently with one's own history is crucial to a better understanding of the present. This is currently more important than ever, with the popularity of right-wing extremist parties rising sharply in many European countries and European elections imminent. "Those who doubt democracy should not forget why we have lived in peace for more than 70 years on the territory of today's European Union," says Thomas Wessel. "And in Belgium, there is no better place to remember this than Kazerne Dossin.”

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