Henkel completes acquisition of protective coating supplier Seal for Life

Henkel completes acquisition of protective coating supplier Seal for Life

Extends global presence and diversification of offerings in sustainability-focused, future-driven growth markets

  • By ICN Bureau | April 05, 2024

Henkel has successfully completed the acquisition of the US-based Seal for Life Industries from Arsenal Capital Partners (USA). Seal for Life is a specialized supplier of protective coating and sealing solutions in a broad variety of infrastructure markets such as renewable energy, oil and gas, and water. The signing of the transaction took place in February 2024.

"This acquisition underscores our dedication to create a maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) growth platform and it positions us to expand our offerings in future-oriented markets such as renewable energy and water supply. We are excited to have this deal closed and accelerate our integration together with Critica Infrastructure in providing our growing customer base additional value with an expanded solution offering,” says Mark Dorn, Executive Vice President and globally responsible for Henkel’s Adhesive Technologies business unit.

The acquisition seamlessly aligns with Henkel’s expanding MRO portfolio by introducing complementary repair solutions that significantly bolster the company´s commitment to advancing the sustainability megatrend.

"As a company, we are deeply committed to sustainability, and this acquisition further solidifies that commitment. The portfolio of solutions we have acquired emphasizes corrosion protection, extending infrastructure lifespan and minimizing environmental impact through reduced replacements,” says Csaba Szendrei, Corporate Senior Vice President and Global Head of the Craftsmen, Construction and Professional Division at Henkel Adhesive Technologies.

Seal for Life operates on a global scale and its product portfolio comprises innovative coating and sealing solutions, such as heat-shrink sleeves, visco-elastic coatings, epoxy and urethane coatings, fire protection, insulation, and sound-dampening coatings.

"MRO represent a pivotal growth sector for our organization, presenting significant opportunities for pioneering solutions that protect, retrofit, and digitally monitor infrastructure while advancing sustainability objectives. This strategic transaction represents another crucial milestone in our ongoing efforts to cultivate a robust growth platform within our MRO business to add more value to our customers’ operations and help them reach their targets. Coupled with the Critica Infrastructure acquisition closed in 2023, and our strong Loctite MRO solutions, we are well positioned to deliver on our strategy,” says Dr. Kourosh Bahrami, Corporate Vice President and Global Head of the General Manufacturing and Maintenance business at Henkel Adhesive Technologies.

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