INEOS Inovyn and Huntsman partner with Rossignol to create environment-friendly ski line

INEOS Inovyn and Huntsman partner with Rossignol to create environment-friendly ski line

New Essential ski line by Rossignol benefits from Reodrin’s low carbon footprint through Araldite mass balance certified epoxy resin

  • By ICN Bureau | June 23, 2023

INEOS Inovyn and Huntsman has developed high recyclability and a low carbon footprint for French ski producer Rossignol. The French brand’s new “Essential” product line, which is made of wood, metal, and a special epoxy resin enabled by INEOS Inovyn innovation.

The new line is the result of 10 years of research and development at Rossignol, boosted in 2023 as Huntsman started using INEOS Inovyn’s REODRIN to conceive a new range of products.

“ISCC-Plus certified REODRIN™ brings about a 70% reduction in GHG emissions compared to fossil based equivalent. As the world’s first bio-attributed epichlorohydrin, REODRIN, combines its greenhouse gas savings with significant reduction of water intake, land use and overall ecological impact of production,” comments Pedro Moura Pinto, Business Unit Manager Allylics at INEOS Inovyn.

When Huntsman received their first batch of REODRIN in January 2023, they started using it as a basis for their ARALDITE product line. The new REDcert2 certified bio-attributed resin was quick to turn heads at Rossignol, the world leader in ski gear production which decided to use ARALDITE Mass Balance Certified grade for the production of their new “Essential ski line.

“Our resin has currently no equivalent on the market. It is 100% bio-attributed and presents more than 80% lower CO2 footprint than its fossil-based counterparts without compromising on performance. We must thank our development, manufacturing and supply chain teams for that achievement, but also to INEOS Inovyn as all this wouldn’t have been possible without REODRIN,” says Philippe Christou, Head of Environmental & Technology Intelligence Group for Huntsman’s Advanced Materials division.

Rossignol’s new ski line was advertised by Huntsman and Rossignol at the last JEC World, the leading international composites show, in Paris.

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